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The Levels of Care at Minnesota Hospice

Ken Haglind

· Minnesota Hospice

An accomplished senior executive in the healthcare industry, Ken Haglind serves as the president of Minnesota Hospice in Lakeville. Ken Haglind leads an interdisciplinary team structured to provide support and end-of-life care to patients.

The end-of-life experience differs from one person to another. Hence, Minnesota Hospice offers different levels of care, including routine home care, the most prevalent form of hospice care wherein clients experience conventional home care in the privacy of their own home or what they consider home, such as an assisted living facility.

Minnesota Hospice also provides respite care, a short-term service provided to clients when it becomes imperative that the caregiver needs a break from caregiving. When a critical situation arises where the patient needs at least eight hours of constant skilled care, the hospice can provide continuous care until the crisis subsides and routine home care can resume.

Then there is general inpatient care, delivered in a long-term care facility, hospital, or hospice unit, where 24/7 care from a registered nurse is available. The hospice team will administer patient care through daily visits. To learn more about Minnesota Hospice, visit

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